Grow your LuLaRoe Business with a Free Consultant Website, Blog & Loyalty Reward Programs.

Reward Loyal Customers.
Find and add new customers.
Grow your LuLaRoe Team.
Increase Sales & Social Sharing.
Optimized for YOUR business!

Helping you build loyal customer relationships.


Loyalty Cards for your customers digitally delivered for tracking their purchases & driving repeat purchases.

Ready for Pop-Ups and Online Sales.

Simple and efficient - no applications for you or your customers to install.

Designed for LuLaRoe Consultants, so setup is easy.

Costs about the same as two cups of coffee a month!


Ready for the Pop-Up & Online LulaRoe Business


Pop-Up Boutique
Loyalty Rewards Card


Dashboard for
Online Sales

Pop-Up Boutiques

WIth your customers digital Loyalty Card on their phone, just enter your secret PIN to record and redeem their purchases. Learn More

Online Shopping

With your Consultant Dashboard easily see all your customers card punches. Quickly add purchases and redeem loyalty gifts. Your dashboard changes will show automatically on your customers Loyalty Cards. Learn More

Personalized for YOUR business

Your name at the top of the card. Choose the gifts or discounts you give when the card fills up. Choose the number of punches on your card. Share the contacts you wish with your customers. Remember and automatically send birthday cards and a gift, and for our Pro Subscribers, offer a very special VIP Program.


Free Webinar for YOUR team

Interested in learning more about what Loyal Shops can do for your LulaRoe business? Checkout the webinar we did for Jennifer Davis’s team. Would you like us to host a webinar for your team? Email us at support@loyalshops.com!

Your Personal Website and Blog!

LulaRoe Sample Site
Your Blog

The Loyal Shops “Your Business Website” delivers LuLaRoe Consultants a super easy customizable website for FREE.  Nothing to purchase and it even comes with your own personal web address.  Build your brand, Inform your customers, show off your latest styles, live contact buttons and links to your checkout and returns forms if you have them.  With any of our Paid subscriptions, add a video to you website as well as a second text content area. There is no obligation, so try it out and get your own LuLaRoe Consultant Website today. View a Sample Site

Ready for a blogging platform super easy to setup and use? Want to easily add articles, pictures and videos? Have it work perfectly on phones, tablets and computers? Want a personalized address for your Blog? We have your solution! Blogging now included in any of our Loyalty Rewards subscriptions.

Also with a paid subscription, get our NEW! Your Business Website Join Us Page. Deliver the LuLaRoe story, capture leads, send candidates a LuLaRoe Opportunity Email you can customize. View a Join Us Sample Site

You can choose just a Blog, Just a Join Us Page or a General Website page or all three as they work together!



Trial Plan

FREE LuLaRoe Consultant Website!
Full functionality to explore the benefits of the Loyalty Card Subscription. Trial Plan limits your ability to send out a card just to your own email.

Standard Plan

Free LuLaRoe Consultant Website
Personal Blog
Join Us page
Video Player
Up to 250 Active Customer Cards
Local and Online Management
Dynamic Business Card
Customer Birthday Highlighted
Customer Batch inviting
$9.99 / Month or $99.99 / Year
2 Months FREE

Pro Plan

Loyalty Card Auto Punching
Free LuLaRoe Consultant Website
Personal Blog
Join Us page
Video Player
UNLIMITED Active Customer Cards
Exclusive Pro Card Backgrounds
Local and Online Management
Dynamic Business Card
Customer Birthday Cards & Gifts
VIP Program You Can Customize
Customer Batch inviting
$14.99 / Month or $149.99 / Year
2 Months FREE!