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Adjust Text Notifications

Enter your mobile phone number below to adjust your text notification settings.

Text Notification Adjustments shows you the business you have signed up for Text Notifications and allows you to adjust your notifications. For each business you are signed up for, will show an entry below. A green check right below Optin Status shows you can receive messages from this business. By clicking a green check below opt-in status, it will flip to a red X, and you will no longer receive messages from that business. Click the red X, to turn messages back on for that business. To the right of optin status are listed. Lists allow you to choose any specific notification types you wish to see or not see toggle them between the green check and red X as wished.

Additional Options

Texting Signup

You can adjust text notifications on your phone by messaging +18665881402 with any of the following messages:

"STOP" - To stop all text messages from this number.

"UNSTOP" - To resume text messages and replies from this number.

"HELP" - To receive help information from your phone, including what messaging programs you have opted-in, reply UNSTOP first if you get no reply from HELP.

Revive Consignment - Recuring Messages - Msg & Data Rates May Apply.

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