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Below is your Loyalty Card. It will record all of your purchases from . When you make a purchase, just open this card up in your web browser and hand it to . They will record the purchases on your card. They can also record your purchases remotely as well, and they will show up here.

Your Gift Option

Your card will get punched for each valid purchase. When your card fills completely, a gift will show up in the bottom left corner signifying you earned the below listed gift. Your card will then reset for additional purchases.

When you see again, you can redeem your gift in person or contact them to redeem remotely.

's Contacts

To stay in touch with , a digital business card is included.

Slide your finger from left to right to reveal the business card.

The contact information can be clicked on.
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just slide a finger from right to left.
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Loyalty Card

Gift Box Earned and Given Gifts Available

Please contact or visit me to redeem your loyalty gift!

Thanks so much,


Program subject to change.


Program subject to change.

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